How does Devrecruit work?

Devrecruit is a website that connects Software Developers and Recruiters. Software Developers simply submit their CV’s on our website and we send the CV’s to our pre-approved list of Recruiters looking for Software Developers.

Our recruiters will then filter through the CV’s they receive from us and follow their usual steps and procedures to setup interviews with potential candidates.

What happens after I submit my CV on Devrecruit?

The minute you submit your CV on Devrecruit we send it out to our list of recruiters and they will get in contact with you to setup some interviews.

Your CV will not be added to a database or available to anyone but our list of recruiters who are serious about finding, placing and recruiting Software Developers.

Do I have to pay to submit my CV on Devrecruit?

No. Submitting your CV on Devrecruit is quick, easy and absolutely FREE! Now you only have to submit your CV in one place and we will make sure your CV gets into the right hands.

Do you charge referral or placement fees?

No. We only charge our recruiters a monthly fee to receive CV’s from us to ensure that we only have recruiters who are serious about finding and placing Software Developers.

Once your CV has been sent to our recruiters we are not involved with the interviews or hiring process. We simply connect Software Developers with recruiters.

How many Software Devlopers’ CV’s will we receive from Devrecruit?

Due to the nature of our business we can’t guarantee a minimum or maximum amount of CV’s you will receive from us. We advertise and market Devrecruit online to source as many Software Developers in South Africa’s CV’s as possible.

What makes Devrecruit different?

Unlike most recruitment websites we are trying to avoid databases full of outdated CV’s by only sending you fresh new CV’s as they are submitted to Devrecruit.

Do I have to register or sign in on your website?

No. No registration, account creation or sign in is required. Awesome.